Environment: Nell Wheeler

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Saturday April 27

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11:00 AM  –  12:00 PM

Rainwater Wrangling: Modern Solutions for an Ancient Practice
Presented by Nell Wheeler


Human settlements have been collecting and storing rain water for centuries. Around the world, cisterns were built into the floors and rooftops of houses with the water being used for dry-land farming, irrigation, and drinking. Now, as our water needs grow to an all-time high, rainwater harvesting provides an easy and affordable solution. From the bustle of downtown Houston to the quiet plains of West Texas, communities are promoting and advancing the ancient, sustainable practice. The presentation will discuss the reasons to collect rain, steps for how to harvest and store it, and the best ways to use collected rainwater, whether for a home garden, agricultural use, or commercial landscaping.  

Nell Wheeler has been designing and installing rainwater collection systems around Texas for over fifteen years, using skills she learned working as a plumber in commercial new construction. Together with her husband, Nell owns Metal Rain Tanks, LLC, where they build and install stainless steel tanks for collecting rainwater. Projects include residential and small commercial rainwater collection for irrigation, as well as using rainwater tanks for storm water detention. They also ship tanks across the country, which are collecting water from Seattle to San Juan. An avid gardener and woodturner, Nell is also one of the very few female Master Plumbers in Texas.

This lecture series is generously sponsored by The Shelton Law Firm.